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FALL 2023

Virtual Learning Available

About United Christian College

In response to the growing needs of the denomination and the Presiding Prelate’s vision for revitalizing ministries to all Christian leaders: a new program called the Leadership Training Program (LTP) has been developed. The LTP will expand the current curriculum offered through the Southern District’s MTP and include a general course track for any leader in the church in addition to a specialized track for clergy leadership.

Program Purpose

The purpose of the United Christian College Leadership Training Program is to offer a 36 hour (one year) virtual platform for learning that guides students to an understanding of the basic doctrines of the Christian faith and a conviction of their validity in the life of modern men and women. Designed for substantive and critical study, collaborative learning, and active engagement in ministry, the program builds upon (Ephesians 4:12) to equip the saints for the work of ministry and build up the body of Christ.

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Contact Information

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Mailing Address

PO Box 11509

3100 Cashwell Dr.

Goldsboro,NC 27534

Who is this program for ?

The objective of the United Christian College Leadership Training Program is to adequately prepare leaders for Christian leadership and service through the church. We are here to assist preachers, pastors, district elders evangelists, missionaries, teachers, church secretaries, ministers/directors of religious education, ministers/leaders of sacred music, and all God’s people with the tools they need to spread the gospel through their varied gifts and callings.

The bible

Curriculum Design Philosophy



Second Semester

Third Semester

Fourth Semester

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Introduces basic denominational studies including United Holy Church history, doctrine and Polity.

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Focuses on content, that prepares students to navigate the landscape of the biblical text, providing a foundation for study, growth, and discipleship.

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Students have an opportunity to take courses specifically designed to resource them for their varied roles in the life of the church and to equip them with tools that strengthen their ministries.

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Having been prepared with sound denominational, biblical, and practical perspectives for ministry, courses in the fourth semester empower students for ministry in action! Whether church-based or community focused, these courses inspire leaders to use the knowledge they have gained to make substantive and impactful ministry change.

UHC Leadership Training Program Design Team

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Dr. Gloria Aghogah

Western NC District

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Dr. Dennis Carrington

Southern District (Goldsboro)

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Dr. Gail Gilmore

Northern District

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Elder Willie Lewis

Southern District (Goldsboro)

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Dr. Veronica Wright

Southern District (Goldsboro)

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Dr. Mary H. Young

Virginia District

The Four Semester Curriculum

Course Designations

“C” – Clergy

“L” – Laity

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Third Semester (Spring I)

Critical Thinking and Writing(C)

Faith and Life-Cycle Ministries (L)

Sermon Development and Delivery(C)

Leading Successful Meetings (L)

Ethics and Spiritual Formation (C & L

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Fourth Semester (Spring II)

Evangelism and Community Engagement (C & L)

Church Administration (C)

Reshaping the Church’s Educational Ministry (L)

Pulpit and Pew: Casting the Church’s Vision (C)

Getting It Done: The Art of Effective Program Implementation (L)

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First Semester (Fall I)

United Holy Church History (C & L)

The Church and Technology:  Faith, Ministry and Discipleship (C & L)

UHC Church Doctrine & Polity (C & L)

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Second Semester (Fall II)

Introduction to the Old Testament (C & L)

Introduction to the New Testament (C & L)

Biblical Interpretation (C & L)

Program Academic Schedule

  1. Classes are three(3) credit hours each. The 12 course, 36-hour program can be completed in 1 year when taking three classes each term.

2. Each class, offered on either Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday meets for six(6) weeks.

3.Each 90-minute class session includes 1.5 hours of synchronous (together) time and 1.5 hours of asynchronous (remote) time.

2023-24 UHCOA Leadership Program Application

The United Holy Church of America (UHCOA) is committed to equipping clergy and laity with the knowledge, skills and experiences which will enable them to glorify God and build up the church. UHCOA Leadership Program applicants must have at least a high school diploma or GED.

Please complete this application and upload all requested supplementary documents. Direct all questions to the LTP Registrar at UHCOA.LTP@GMAIL.COM.

The supplemental documents should include the following: a photocopy of your high school diploma and/or undergraduate/graduate degree and a letter of support from your pastor. The deadline for receipt of supplementary documents is August 1, 2023.

Each student is required to order his/her own books. Students must also have access to a computer or smartphone to access courses. The courses will be taught via zoom. (Students will have to have a zoom account)

LTP is a one year program. The tuition is $600 for each semester (excluding the cost of textbooks).

A semester(six classes) consists of (2) six week terms: $100 per class. A $50 registration fee is required at the time of registration.(which can be paid through cash app or paypal) Once your registration form and fee are received, you will receive the student handbook and your Google Classroom(LMS) sign-up email. The remaining tuition can be paid in installments. NOTE: Full payment is due by the end of each semester.

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